Salty seadog Dennis hopes you enjoyed the Easter holidays!


Welcome Carter!

Last week I mentioned some new pack members, well, here’s number one and he’s a proper little cutie!

Carter is an almost three month old Cairn Terrier, he’s not quite old enough to enjoy regular walkies just yet but come the summer and the good weather (please!) he’ll be getting Dennis with the best of them!

Welcome to Seth!

We have a new pack member one day a week, a very bouncy boxer called Seth, he came out today with Toby and Barney (and Dennis of course!)

He’s a handsome lad who fitted in nicely with the others and just wanted to play! Off the lead soon for him so he can play properly!

Dog ownership and the Law

Thought I’d add a quick post about some items regarding dog ownership and the law which relate to pretty much all dog owners and definitely to domestic dog owners, some are common sense, others may surprise you!

Collars and identity disks:

If your dog is out and about (walking, with you going to the shops, pub etc) they MUST be wearing a collar with an identity disk on it which bears the owners name and address (your telephone number would also be advisable), there are exemptions to this, but they relate to working dogs, farm dogs, police and military dogs and guide dogs. Details of the exemptions can be found here.

If they are not wearing a collar and tag they can be seized and treated as a stray dog.

I’ve used a company called Identitag for our dog, they’re good quality tags for a better price than you’d find on the high street.

Road accidents involving dogs:

The Road Traffic Act 1998 states all dogs must be kept on a lead when near a designated road, if you’re unlucky enough to hit a dog with your vehicle you must stop and give your details and the details of the car owner, if not you, to the person in charge of the animal, if you’re the animal owner or in charge of it then you can demand the details of the driver and owner, failure to comply can result in the prosecution of the driver.


Since April 2016 it has been mandatory to microchip your pet, it’s a painless procedure and means that if lost your dog can be quickly returned to you, failure to do so can lead to a £500 fine.

Details of how to get your pet chipped (potentially for free!) can be found here

Strange ones:

There are also some strange laws around the world, in Turin you must walk your dog three times a day, in Switzerland you must pass a test and take a practical training course to be allowed to own a dog and in London it’s illegal for a black cab to carry a rabid dog!

It should of course be noted I’m neither a policeman or lawyer so the above should be taken as advisory only, if you find yourself in trouble with the law I’d advise a good lawyer!