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“I’m looking for a dog walker in Sale or Northenden… Why should I choose South Manchester Pet Care??”

Dog walking by South Manchester Pet Care:

I love and understand dogs and their foibles, the tone of voice to use at appropriate times, where a tickle will get the best response, when to get them moving and when to allow “sniffing” time and most importantly that dogs are individuals, same as us. Dogs in my care will be respected and looked after as such.

My walks are mostly along the Mersey as this gives access to water which almost all dogs love playing in (and drinking on hot days!) Through experience I’ve also found these are amongst the most secure areas for your dogs, there’s much less opportunity for distraction from other dogs and walkers and as a group we’re known by the walkers we do meet who are always happy to see me with my gang and always allow their dogs to join in the fun!

Walking or having your dog walked in groups is not just good exercise and a chance for a wee, dogs are naturally group animals and benefit from being in a group, dogs who were nervous around others can be safely introduced to other dogs who are known to be gentle and accommodating so that their confidence levels can rise. This will lead to a happier, healthier dog.

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“I’m looking for a pet sitter in Sale or Northenden… Why should I choose South Manchester Pet Care??”

Pet sitting by South Manchester Pet Care:

The advantages to at home pet care compared to kennels or catteries are that your pet is often happier at home than in a caged environment, it can be cheaper as there’s often times catteries are closed when you get home or want to leave and extra days can be incurred and the knowledge that someone trusted and reliable is checking in on your house everyday can be invaluable.


Your pets welfare will come first on every visit, I will make sure to see your pet(s) on each visit to ensure it is healthy and happy. I will spend adequate time with your pet to make sure that not only are the basics taken care of (feeding, cleaning up) but that there is time for fussing and play to make sure they’re as happy and relaxed as possible. I’m also happy to send you pictures via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or a service suited to you.


I’ll always clean up after myself and will always use clean dishes for your pets, I’ll also endeavour to clean up any obvious messes your pet may leave about the place. Litter trays will be scooped on each visit and refreshed as required. I’ll ask that you leave out paper towels and sprays for this.


If I’m concerned for your pets welfare or health I will try and contact you immediately, if I can’t get into contact with you I’ll try any numbers for trusted friends or family you leave with me and under your or their instruction will take the animal to your chosen vet. If you’re not available and the matter is urgent I will take the animal to your chosen vet, continuing to try to contact you. No major decisions would be taken without your consent.

Home and Security:

Your home security is of utmost importance. Every door that I unlock will be locked after use and checked before departure. I will also check for leaks, move post from visible areas, open or close curtains and switch lights on or off as required.

I am fully insured via Cliverton Insurance and am DBS checked, I’m happy to show you these documents on my initial visit.

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