A great week

So, last week we had some pretty decent weather for January I reckon, I don’t think me and the doggos are going to be as lucky next week, tomorrow looks especially nasty with sleet forecast for later in the week. Yay.

My favourite photo this week has to be the attached, can’t tell if it’s Harley or Doogie as they’re both black as night and wear a red collar, one of those when I came out from under the tram bridge at Jackson’s Boat and saw how the light was I knew this would be a good one!


New Year

I’ve realised I’ve really neglected my website over the last few months, so I’m going to try and do a weekly update here on a Sunday, reviewing the week and previewing the next week.

So, until next week I hope you had as good a weekend as Dennis did! We enjoyed a lovely weekend in North Wales and Dennis just loves the beach.